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Opensubtitles Ffdshow

    DOWNLOAD ffdshow with opensubtitle support automatic downolad subtitles

Opensubtitles Ffdshow Rev 2893. 2009.04.25

Using this version you may automatic download subtitles for playing movies. You only must click right mouse button on FFv icon in tray. Click subtitle sources and get language. Codec automatic download subtitle and display it. Subtitles have ideal synchronization. This is useful if You are:
-don't speak in movie language
-learn foreign language

ffdshow how to use

Opensubtitles Ffdshow is codecs that can be used for the fast and high-quality decoding of a large number of audio and video formats. This is a fork from ffdshow tryouts.

Ffdshow has a large number of postprocessing filters that can optionally be enabled to enhance audio and video output. Examples of these filters are deblocking, resizing, aspect ratio correction, sharpness, subtitle display, deinterlacing, cropping, and color correction.

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